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Shanghai Mingke Packaging Products Co., Ltd. - - a bright star in Asian packaging industry! Located on the west side of Shanghai International Packaging City, Huangdu Industrial Park is adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, 312 National Highway and Jiasong North Road. The transportation is very convenient. The registered capital of the company is 5 million RMB. The existing factory area is 10,000 square meters, with 36 professional and technical personnel and 18 engineers. The company specializes in the production of various specifications of multi-layer kraft paper bags, paper-plastic composite bags, square bottom (valve mouth) bags, film-coated bags, film-coated paper, composite cloth and other series of packaging products.

The company introduced Far East Machinery, which integrates bag making, printing and forming. The printing part adopts the German technology, which can be printed by cross-color, and the printing effect is exquisite. The mechanical technology of NEW LONG in Japan is used in the shower film. The machine has the advantages of high efficiency, automatic operation and less manual use. It is an advanced machine in bag making industry at present. The BA-8KW microwave multi-tube drying sterilization equipment introduced by the company can not only play a role in low-temperature drying, but also effectively disinfect and sterilize various packaging products.

Mink Packaging takes "high", "new" and "sharp" products as its orientation, and develops new industrial packaging bags. Products are widely used in: chemical industry, building materials, food, plastics and other industries. The company implements diversification of product materials to meet the packaging requirements of different products. It meets the requirements of environmental protection as well as the export requirements of Europe and the United States. It produces according to the requirements of food hygiene, high temperature dehumidification and drying, fine printing, beautiful appearance, and is suitable for the open-type pouring line. The company also provides inspection certificates for export packers. More than 40% of the products are exported to North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The company has advanced technology and strong strength. In terms of management, humanization, modernization and civilization are Mink's characteristics. The company adopts advanced management ideas and software systems, implements enterprise resource planning customer relationship management and supply chain management, so that customers and orders get the best care. In terms of sales, the highest business ethics is the foundation of Mink's development. And the introduction of ERP computer management system, brand, service, price, information interaction into one, so that Minck has won the favor of many well-known customers.

More prominently, Mink Packing pays attention to enterprise culture, develops the spirit of hard struggle and thrift, emphasizes product quality, takes cost reduction and efficiency enhancement as measures, strictly controls production links in accordance with national standards, and provides high-strength, environmental protection and exquisite appearance packaging for many enterprises at home and abroad with high-quality service.

Shanghai Mingke Packaging will continue to improve the quality of products and services for China's packaging industry, enhance the cost-effectiveness, and at the same time seek greater development in the international market. We sincerely look forward to communication and cooperation with you!